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TaskRun- Life and Fitness Planner for Windows

 TaskRun - Time Planner achieve more by being organized. Making to do lists and setting daily fitness goals has never been easier. Works with Windows

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A Tool to Improve Yourself

TaskRun Time Planner was inspired by Benjamin Franklin's method of self improvement through better daily planning. TaskRun will help you to plan better, work smarter, increase your productivity and reduce confusion in your life. The program helps you organize your to-do list on a calendar.

To-Do Lists, with a difference

TaskRun merges the concept of a Calendar, a To-do list and Notepad into one. It lays out your To Do lists on a 7 day calendar grid, each day cell can be typed into like a text document. To check off an item on your list, you simply type // in front of the item, this will cross it out (clicking on the side bar next to the line will do the same). This lets you quickly see completed items and upcoming tasks you need to get done in the coming week.

Text / Email your To do List

Send a text message of your to do list to your phone or your email account

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